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Retainers Explained For Patients In Chiswick


After the removal of braces there is nothing more important to the patient than maintaining that wonderful new smile. Through the course of treatment that may have taken years, an orthodontic patient develops a galvanised determination to protect what braces have managed to achieve. Unfortunately, teeth have a tendency to slowly move after the removal of a brace. At Sparkle we offer a range of retainers to keep that smile wonderful.

What is a retainer?

There are two kinds of retainer, removal and fixed. They perform the exact same function by stopping the movement of the teeth and keeping them in the exact same position that the brace left them in. There are many variations of retainer, made of many different materials and perform the same function in different ways.

Removable retainers

Removable retainers are made from either wire and hard plastic, called the Hawley retainer, are made of just hard plastic which is called the Essix retainer. These can be made for the lower or upper teeth. The upper retainer fits into the roof of the mouth and like the lower retainer, can be removed for cleaning the teeth and eating amongst other things. Sparkle Dental Boutique near Chiswick will advise which is the best retainer for each patient’s lifestyle.

Fixed retainers

Fixed retainers are made of wire and are cemented to the back of the teeth. This type of retainer can be fitted to lower or upper teeth and provides a discreet, effective treatment that ensures the smile that has been worked so hard for will last a lifetime. There could be nothing worse from a orthodontic point of view that allowing teeth to regress and return towards their original positions.



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