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It seems that there is a new health scare story every week in the media, most of which are then disproved the next week. However, the recent concerns about the French-manufactured breast implants, which now have to be removed from past patients, has made many people understandably frightened of any medical treatment that includes the word “implant.”

Dental implants from dentists serving patients in Kew, however, have always been and remain completely safe. For one thing having the implant fitted into the jawbone is not an invasive procedure, such as that needed for cosmetic enhancement surgery. The procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic and you will be back at home after just an hour or so in the dentist’s chair. The implants themselves only need tiny holes to sit in and even if you have to undergo a bone graft to strengthen your jawbone ahead of having them fitted, the material used will in most cases come from yourself, so there is no risk of cross infection or rejection.

The implants are usually made of a strong yet durable metal called titanium. Before it was used in humans as a dental implant, titanium underwent many years of testing to check that it does not cause any unexpected health problems or irritations. The findings found that no problems arose from titanium implants and in fact the first patients to have these implants fitted have now had them for several years, still with no reported problems. The implants used at Sparkle Dental Boutique are of the highest quality, made with pure titanium, containing no other alloys or metals.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the safety of dental implants or whether they are the right treatment option for you, your dentist can help. However, there is no evidence to suggest that dental implants will end up in the news headlines in the way breast implants have in recent weeks.

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