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Patients Near Kew Wish Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday!


One of the most recognisable figures in the world to both young and old will be 84 on 18th November. He has perhaps the most famous silhouette in history and he has worked tirelessly from birth, becoming the timeless star of hundreds of animated films. He is of course Mickey Mouse and at 84 he is certainly old enough to have multiple missing teeth.

The Problems with Missing Teeth

The gum bone that used to support the missing tooth needs a tooth to sustain its thickness and structure. Without a tooth the gum bone has no reason to maintain its thickness and will begin to thin. This can cause a sagging or drooping of the face around that area. Surrounding teeth don’t get away scot-free though. They have a tendency to rotate, tilt and drift into the opening left by the missing tooth. It can be difficult to keep the teeth clean and problems such as bad bite and gum disease can develop.

Sparkle Multiple Missing Teeth Solutions

Multiple missing teeth are not only unsightly; they can create a multitude of problems. Each missing tooth does not have to be replaced with an implant, although that is possible. Traditional oral bridges use the surrounding teeth as anchor points, reshaping those existing teeth to accept each end of the bridge. With implant bridge restorations at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Kew, the surrounding teeth can maintain their original shape and position. Dental implants bridges are typically attached to two implants. The implants stop the surrounding teeth from moving and the oral bridge is able to span multiple missing teeth. Implant bridge restorations provide a lasting completion to any smile, sometimes providing an improved aesthetic in comparison to the previous teeth.



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