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Patients Near Kew Find Out The Benefits Of Metal Braces


Metal braces do not have the best reputation, but they have been around for decades and are a fail-safe treatment for crooked, wonky and misaligned smiles. Metal braces are often berated because they do not look all that attractive, and because they are highly visible when you smile—but they are highly effective and the results are almost always very impressive.

Modern metal braces

Most people still assume the worst when they think of metal braces, but the fact is that braces have come a long way. Modern metal braces are lighter and finer than older styles and you can also choose from a range of colours to make your braces a little funkier.

If you have a complex orthodontic prescription, you may find that some treatments aren’t suitable. Metal braces are suitable for almost all patients because they are able to achieve a great deal of movement, which makes them beneficial for patients with severe crowding and misalignment. Metal braces may not look the best, but they have become much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing over the last few years, and they produce amazing results and beautifully straight smiles.

Funky styles

Nowadays, patients also have the option of choosing different coloured brackets and wires to make the braces look a bit more fun.

The treatment time depends on the individual and how complex their orthodontic prescription is. Less complex cases may be complete within 12 months, while more complex cases may take up to 24 or 36 months. If you would like more information on metal braces please contact the Sparkle Dental Boutique near Kew for more information.



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