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Patients Near Kew Can Get A Smile Transformation In Just Six Months


Einstein’s theory of relativity was a scientific breakthrough when first published in 1905. The notion, however, that the experience of time is relative, was something that had been kicking around in folk wisdom for quite some time; hence ‘time flies when you’re having fun,’ that all important ‘time flies’ part having been kicking around since the days of Virgil back in 29 BC. A few minutes can seem like an eternity to a child, but, by the time we’re over adolescence, six months isn’t really all that long, especially if that’s all it now takes to achieve a perfectly aligned smile!

Six month smiles

Conventional orthodontic treatment can take years to complete. With Six Month Smiles the treatment may take only half a year to finish. Six month smiles can be used to fix a variety of problems from crowding and spacing issues to overbites and underbites. The brackets used in the braces are tooth coloured and the wires are hardly visible, helping them to blend in and provide you with a discreet orthodontic experience. To top it all off, this treatment is cheaper and more comfortable than most other orthodontic treatment methods!

How can this work so quickly?

Teenagers tend to require braces to fix major bite issues. Adults, in contrast, tend to only need braces to fix minor, mostly cosmetic, problems. As cosmetic issues tend to be focused around the most visible of your teeth, six month smile treatment tends to focus on these areas; by focusing solely on your upper and lower front six teeth, six month smiles are able to significantly minimise the amount of time required in orthodontic treatment. The unique nickel titanium wires used in treatment also help to speed up the process.

A procedural outline

Firstly, it must be established how appropriate the treatment is for you. This evaluation will include a dental examination, as well as some pictures and x-rays being taken. If it is deemed suitable, the special ‘six month smile’ braces will then be fitted. After that, you’ll just need to have a few check-ups and, after six months, hey presto! You have a new smile!


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