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Patients Near Hanwell Can Get Sparkly White Teeth In No Time


The hit TV series Extreme Makeover often uses a fantastically effective and quick teeth whitening technology. The staggering results from this whitening process are not only possible; the very same technologies are used at Sparkle. The system is established, safe and we happen to be experts in the field of whitening treatments. The need to whiten is caused by many things, from natural tooth tone, drinking coffee to eating certain foods. All of our whitening treatments take place in our dedicated whitening room (Crystal) and we even encourage patients to listen to a choice of music whilst undergoing treatments.

Zoom2! Chairside Whitening System

This is the system used in the TV show Extreme Makeover. Zoom2! Chairside Whitening is surprisingly simple and extremely popular. Tooth colour can be whitened by 8 shades in a single hour. The Zoom2! Whitening gel is applied and activated by a purpose built light. After the Zoom2! Treatment is done; a 5 minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure and leaves the patient with amazing results.

Home Whitening

For a variety of reasons, many people prefer to whiten their teeth at home. This is generally due to commitments, working hours and convenience. Custom made trays are made to encase the teeth and whitening gel is applied inside the trays and worn for a maximum of one hour per day. This treatment is progressive and take around 10 to 14 days to complete. Although this takes a good deal longer, the results are still sparkly white.


Combining the Zoom2! and Home Whitening systems is the most popular method and the results have to be seen to be believed. The twin benefits of immediate whitening from Zoom2! Treatment and then further whitening using the home kits takes whitening to a higher, stunning level. Contact the Sparkle Dental Boutique team near Hanwell for more information.



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