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Patients Near Ealing Get Ready For An Innovative Braces System


Many orthodontic systems have been developed in the last few years. The competition is fierce and the winner is the patient. Results from orthodontic treatment have been greatly improved and are possible in much less time, typically half of the time taken by traditional braces. In our busy lives, with hectic schedules, juggling commitments, fighting ever-growing mental or physical to-do lists, time is of the essence. By offering a range of revolutionary orthodontic treatments at Sparkle we are giving you something that only the greatest inventions are able to give. We are giving away time, a quicker treatment means more time is available for those ever-growing to-do lists.

Damon System

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Ealing, we are proud to offer a revolutionary system called the Damon System. Using a lighter force which makes treatment much more comfortable, the Damon system can work wonders in a surprisingly short space of time. The most amazing thing, apart from the speed and results, is that the passive system eliminates any friction allowing for even pressure on the teeth and a continuous, gentle movement to the desired positions.

Other benefits of the Damon system

The rapid improvement of a smile can also enhance a face. A proud, beautiful smile balances the features and can give a person a more youthful appearance. Before orthodontic treatment, misalignment, crowding of teeth, or gaps often draw attention away from other features. In a basic sense, the smile can be compromised and after treatment with the Damon system, the smile is no longer compromised and can fully blossom and express the emotions to a fuller extent. If eyes are supposed to be the windows of the soul, the smile must certainly be the door. It’s time to let that smile shine.




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