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The value of having that perfect smile should not be underestimated. Shying away from your smile could affect your quality of life and as far back as 400BC, people have been looking for solutions to imperfections; metal bands have been reportedly found wrapped around the teeth on ancient mummified bodies! So it’s completely normal to want to improve your smile, and if you feel like switching on a dazzling smile today, consult Sparkle Dental Boutique near Chiswick about ceramic braces.

How do Ceramic Braces Differ?

Most people, when thinking about getting braces, will immediately envision themselves with a mouth full of unsightly metal and instantly choose not to go down that path. However, ceramic braces offer a brilliant alternative to these ‘train tracks’. The ceramic used is translucent and the braces are designed to blend in with a patient’s teeth. The ties used are also barely noticeable, often made of clear elastic or white metal. The overall result is a brace just as powerful as conventional braces, but far more discreet that allows the patient to be bold with their smile and no longer shy away. This option is very popular with both adults and teenagers, and could be exactly what you need to light up your life.

Pain, Cost and Other Worries

In this modern day, treatments are becoming more and more affordable and due to improvements in technology and equipment, they are also becoming more and more bearable. As with normal braces, some slight discomfort may be felt depending on the severity of the imperfection that needs correcting, but as most customers of ceramic braces will tell you, some slight discomfort is a small price to pay for a life-changing treatment. And the cost? That’s a small price to pay as well.



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