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Patients Near Acton Keep Straight Smiles With Retainers


Nowadays it’s more and more common for people to receive orthodontic treatment to help them get a more uniform-looking smile, and improved functionality of their teeth. One of the more popular forms of treatment is braces. Many different types of braces are now available, from traditional metal braces to removable ‘invisible’ braces, but all work in the same basic way: using gentle force to push your teeth gradually into a different position. However, once treatment with braces has finished, your teeth can often, over time, move back into the position they were in originally. In order to stop this, after treatment with braces, it’s often useful to use a retainer.

So how does a retainer work?

The basic principle behind a retainer is to hold your teeth in their new position. This means that retainers can be as important a part of orthodontic treatment as braces were. Retainers can be used for your top or bottom row or teeth, or both. This means that different types of retainer are available for different treatments.

What different retainers are available?

There are two main types of retainers, removable and fixed, both made from different materials, thanks to new advances in technology.  Removable retainers are used for both upper and lower teeth: the Hawley retainer is made from a combination of wire and hard plastic, while the Essix retainer is made entirely of hard plastic. Fixed retainers can also be used for your upper or lower teeth, and are composed of a wire which is sealed onto the teeth until being removed once your treatment time is over. The team at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Acton will be able to fit you with the type of retainer best suited to your needs, and in return you will have a beautiful smile and improved tooth function, which will last a lifetime.


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