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It’s stress awareness month and in such economic times this issue has definitely seen a rise. But did you know that stress can lead to a variety of health problems? The issue is often just temporary – a big meeting, a tight deadline, money troubles – but for some stress can manifest more permanently in the form of phobias. Being scared is natural, but phobias involve irrational, debilitating fear that the sufferer often cannot explain.

Many are scared of the dentist, some because of experiences as a child when the tools were bigger, louder and scarier. Dentists are often portrayed in cinema as sadists with a drill, which is obviously far from the truth, but some patients still require reassurance that this is not the case. Dentistry is very flexible nowadays: if you feel afraid you can tell your dentist, and they can make changes. For example, the dentist can talk you through the stages of treatment and will not rush you into anything you are not ready to do.

Some people, however, physically cannot stand the dentist and no amount of reassurance can settle this anxiousness. Also, for patients afraid of needles and injections, receiving anaesthesia can be a painful experience. There are fortunately alternate options available, such as sedation through the use of a pill or laughing gas.

People should not have to compromise the health of their teeth because of fear. If you have even the slightest worry, please tell us and we will be happy to help. Patients from Hanwell and surrounding areas are sure to receive the help they need.

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