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Patients from Brentford are dazzled by the magic of The Wand


The Wand is a revolutionary invention for patients who suffer from dental phobia, in particular individuals who are afraid of needles and injections. This is available to patients from Brentford and around London in need of assistance.

Many people experience severe anxiety when they are faced with the prospect of having an injection, and this can cause them to avoid the dentist even if experiencing severe dental pain. The Wand is an amazing innovation that helps patients to combat their fear of a dental visit, by administering anaesthetic without the need for needles or injections.

What is The Wand?

The Wand is a small device, similar to a pen, which is attached to a computer system that controls the flow of anaesthetic. The Wand facilitates an even, slow flow of anaesthetic, which prevents a sudden surge of fluid into a specific area of tissue (this is known as the bee sting effect). The Wand is also advantageous because it prevents feelings of numbness in the cheeks, face and tongue, which can be an unpleasant consequence of having treatment.

Anaesthetic can be administered to areas of the mouth that are generally more difficult to reach, such as the palate, which means more treatment can be done in one go. This results in fewer trips to the dentist and improved continuity of care.

Who can benefit from The Wand?

The Wand is an ideal treatment for anyone who suffers from a phobia of needles or injections. It helps patients to feel comfortable and also eliminates stress and anxiety leading up to the appointment. If you suffer from dental phobia please do not hesitate to talk to our dental team. They can make arrangements to help you feel as comfortable as possible, and options such as The Wand and sedation can be discussed in greater detail.

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