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Britain doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to teeth – it’s a bit of a running joke in American film and television that we all have mouths full of discoloured, crooked or even missing teeth; on The Simpsons, for example, the dentist shows Lisa a book of “British Smiles” to scare her into getting a fixed brace.

However, we know better, with cosmetic dentistry increasing in popularity for patients from Acton and throughout the UK.

If you want your teeth whiter there are a range of solutions available, which can be bought over the counter or acquired from your dentist. There are a number of different products that can be custom-made by your dentist and able to be used at home, such as mouth trays of whitening gel.

You can also make your teeth straighter without clogging your smile with lots of metal. There are now a range of discreet and invisible braces available, which can even be removed for special occasions. Even traditional fixed braces can now be made from translucent ceramic to blend in with your teeth.

For replacing missing teeth you have a choice of dentures that are removable, or there are dental implants that can be implanted into the bone of your jaw. Having implants fitted usually takes longer but the results are more permanent. You can now even get All on 4 implants be fitted in a single visit.

To improve the overall appearance of your smile you may also consider porcelain veneers or composite bonding. This type of treatment can make your teeth look longer, shapely and even close gaps between teeth.

With a combination of good oral hygiene and the right dental treatment we can all truly smile about being British.

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