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Patients and children from Hounslow: beware sugar treats this Easter


Easter is often a time when parents, family members and friends love to spoil children with chocolate eggs and all kinds of sweet niceties. As exciting and tasty this can be for kids, the excessive sugar can be harmful to the dental and general health of patients from Hounslow and further afield.

The dangers of excess sugar

We know that too much sugar can harm children’s teeth and, when coupled with poor oral hygiene, result in tartar and plaque build-up.  Dentists and other healthcare professionals often warn of the dangers of too much sugar during dental hygiene visits – yet many still indulge in one too many sweets from time to time, especially when we have an excuse like Easter.

Where possible it is a good idea to choose sugar-free sweet treats. It may not sound like the tastiest option for Easter, but you would be surprised by the selection and good taste of many brands available. Your teeth and gums will no doubt thank you in the long run. Or, if this is not possible, try to curb the amount of chocolate eggs you do eat and maintain good oral hygiene.

Role of dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is aimed at preventing poor oral health and the spread of infection in the mouth and body. Following dental hygiene guidance can help patients experience better health, as can teaching children to learn how to moderate their sugar consumption for healthy living.

Children should also learn oral hygiene basics to maintain their dental, physical and mental health too. These basics include:

  • Following a healthy diet with moderate sugar consumption.
  • Brushing teeth and flossing according to dentistry recommended techniques.
  • Having regular dental hygiene check-ups to prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque.
  • Following a dental care plan for good health and quality of life.

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