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Party at the Nottingham Carnival with a Beautiful New Smile for Patients Near Hanwell


Summer is upon us, and as the August bank holiday soon rolls around, it means that it’s once again time for Europe’s largest street festival – the Notting Hill Carnival. One of the most exciting annual events in any UK city, the Carnival is always a riot of colours, smells and sights – so it would be a shame to feel self-conscious about your own appearance at the festival. However, many smile treatments are available at Sparkle Dental Boutique to help your teeth shine as brightly as anything else in the Carnival! One treatment is porcelain veneers, designed to help your teeth look their best.

What are veneers and how can they help?

Veneers are available at the Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hanwell. They are often said to be an equivalent for false fingernails for your teeth. They are stuck over the teeth to help them look better, and are usually made of porcelain as this is a very strong, durable material which can easily made to look the right shade. Veneers can help with several cosmetic problems with teeth, stained teeth can be covered by veneers, to help them appear whiter, and small gaps between teeth can appear closed, thanks to the use of veneers. Even some cases of damaged or crooked teeth can be helped with veneers, by covering the affected areas with veneers designed to be the appropriate shade. With good oral hygiene, porcelain veneers can last up to ten years.

How are veneers fitted?

At the first appointment, your teeth are very carefully shaped to help the veneers fit. A mould of your teeth will be taken with special dental ‘putty’. While your veneers are being made from the mould, you’ll be given temporary veneers so you can see how they feel and look. At the second appointment, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, and the veneers sealed in place to help your smile look brand new!



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