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Our Ealing dentist helps you understand at what age you can have braces


When we think of braces the one thing that sticks in our minds is the sight of a school kid with a mouth full of metal. But, when is the best age to get braces? Is there a time during the life cycle of your teeth that makes them more susceptible to the movements of braces? Well, your Ealing dentist is here to tell you.

Once adult teeth have come through and finished growing, a healthy mouth of teeth is still able to be amended by braces. Unless affected by trauma or poor oral health, anytime is the best time to get braces.

While we still have our baby or milk teeth, dentists will generally not advise braces, except in extreme conditions such as exceptional overcrowding, and even then the best solution is likely to be to remove some of the teeth.

Why are children traditionally the only ones with braces?

It is true that most people believe braces to be something that are reserved for children with crooked teeth, but the main reason for this is the past unsightliness of braces and the fact that many adults simply chose to put up with their teeth.

But, with today’s advances in orthodontics braces are almost undetectable and are able to be removed for big social events, making them an excellent choice for adults.


The most popular alternative to braces is aligners. These are removable braces that use hardly any materials, making it almost undetectable once in the mouth. Aligners such as Invisalign and the Inman Aligner are exceptionally popular because of the speed at which changes in tooth position can be seen and because of their cheapness and ease of use.

Braces can be worn by just about anyone. If you were worried about having a mouth full of metal in school to fix your teeth and have put up with the problem ever since, why continue?

With braces and aligners becoming more and more undetectable there are fewer reasons to put up with misaligned teeth.

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