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Orthodontics At Sparkle Dental Boutique Near Chiswick


Orthodontics is the dental speciality concerned with preventing and correcting improper bites and facial irregularities. A crooked smile can range in extremity from a cosmetic problem to an all-round bite problem, causing immense discomfort. Regardless of how extreme it is, we at Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to help with all your orthodontic needs. It all begins, however, with an orthodontic assessment.

The initial assessment

This is the point where you voice your hopes and concerns. Following this, we will carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth, face and jaw. Photographs, moulds and x-rays of your teeth are sometimes made during this process. Following all this, we will use our expertise to diagnose any underlying problems and come up with a full orthodontic plan for you. This initial visit should take about an hour; this is so we can thoroughly asses all issues relating to your treatment. In some cases, a second visit may be required so as to give us more time to examine your dental records. Following this assessment, you will also be able to discuss the various payment plans we offer.

The next appointment

Once all records have been examined and a plan has been devised, we will then prepare you for your braces. Prior to fitting the brace, you will have an appointment with our hygienist. This will ensure that your teeth are as clean as possible before the brace is fitted.

The fixed brace

A fixed brace consists of multiple brackets, either ceramic or metallic, which are joined together by a slender piece of wire which is commonly referred to as the ‘archwire’. In some instances the brackets can be fitted on the inside of one’s teeth, thus rendering them practically invisible. This type of fixed brace is called a lingual brace.

The advantages of a fixed brace

Numerous removable aligner treatments are available for cosmetic problems, but fixed braces are still the most reliable and versatile type of braces. They also eliminate the potential for the human error which can ruin or delay removable aligner treatment: If you can’t take them out, you can’t forget to put them back in!

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