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Oral Hygiene for Patients from Kew Wearing Fixed Metal Braces


Wearing metal braces alters the way you perform your oral hygiene routine and also the foods you can eat. Patients from Kew can follow the advice of a Sparkle Dental Boutique dentist in order to keep their oral hygiene as healthy as possible, so that they don’t get tooth decay or gum disease through lack of care whilst wearing metal braces.


You must be careful about the foods that you consume when you wear metal braces. Initially your teeth will be painful and sore so you will only be able to eat soft foods. At first avoiding raw vegetables, meat and any other hard food is for the best. Whilst wearing your metal brace try not to eat foods that are difficult to clean and remove from your mouth and also sugary foods, as they cause the metal to stain and can cause tooth decay.

Oral care

It will take time to get used to flossing with braces on because at first it will seem a lot harder than normal flossing. Flossing is important as food can get into the wiring very easily. Brush the teeth with a special proxy brush to gently remove any leftover food in the brace and teeth. Brush carefully around the metal brackets after every meal. This can take time out of your day so it is best to do a thorough cleaning before you go to bed at the end of the day.

A fluoride mouthwash also helps prevent any tooth decay along with flossing and brushing, as any food not picked up by flossing and brushing could eventually lead to tooth decay so the mouthwash can get rid of this or any enamel stainage.

They can also cause mouth dryness so if this happens rinse the mouth with water again to replenish the moisture in the mouth.

When you have metal braces here at Sparkle Dental Boutique we give clear instructions for aftercare and oral hygiene for our patients and offer full support throughout the treatment.


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