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One Visit Smile Makeover…



Before treatment: Gaps between teeth


After treatment: Gaps closed using composite bonding

Have you ever wanted to improve your smile…but were anxious about having extensive dental treatment?

Well with our one visit smile makeover, remarkable improvements can be made in one appointment…and the great news is that it is as simple as having a filling!

If your teeth are worn with jaggedy edges or are chipped, perhaps you have always had gaps between your teeth, then the one visit smile makeover is the ideal way to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Dr Sunita Verma from Sparkle Dental Boutique Ealing says, “We can make dramatic changes to the way people look and feel about their smiles in one very easy visit.”

“Take the above case for example, the patient was very conscious of a gap between her teeth that she felt was really visible. Within a space of an hour we were able to close the gap using tooth coloured resins and blending them to match the exact colour of the patients natural teeth. Something that had bothered the patient for many years, was now a distant memory.”

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