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One Hour Smile Makeover For Teeth Whiter Than The Snow For Patients Near Hanwell


As the days and nights grow ever darker and colder, there’s perhaps one blessing for the image conscious. As we pack away our skimpy summer clothing, we can celebrate a few months of freedom from worrying about golden tans and toned bodies. However, unfortunately not all imperfections can be hidden under chunky knitwear, and winter can be the ideal time to start thinking about your teeth again. Instead of praying for a snow day, why not make your own ‘white Christmas’ with a one hour smile makeover?

Treat yourself to white teeth this Christmas

This quick makeover uses cosmetic bonding, the application of a composite resin to your teeth. This resin comes in a natural tooth colour and can treat a vast number of imperfections including chipped or crooked teeth, gaps, and discolouration. If you’ve got one or two stained teeth, or your whole set is more yellow than you’d like, then just one visit to the Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hanwell could be all it takes to give you a gleaming smile.

The procedure couldn’t be simpler

During your visit, which should not take longer than an hour, the special resin is simply bonded to your tooth or teeth. And because the teeth themselves don’t need to be prepared or shaped, there’s usually no need for anaesthetic. This whitening technique is not only a science, it’s also an art. At our Ealing clinic, Dr Sunita Verma combines the training and knowledge of a dental professional with the artistic judgement of a make-up artist. The result is a natural-looking white smile that will really make you stand out this winter. And, with the correct care, your new bright smile could see you through the next ten Christmases!




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