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Much needed advice for new dental students from your Chiswick dentist


Dental and medical courses at universities are always highly intensive and will often involve four years of rigorous and intensive training that will likely make the student’s college course seem like a walk in the park. But before any would-be Chiswick dentists wanting to perform advanced treatment like braces start running to the hills, here are a number of tips and advice that will hopefully help you to hit the ground running when you start your course.

Don’t Fall Behind!

Most dental schools start courses in one of two ways, either increasing the work load gradually or immediately throwing students in at the deep end. Even with the gradual increase in work, the amount of studying expected is substantial and as such the old saying of starting as you mean to go on is more important than ever . Falling behind at the start could prove disastrous, as the increasing work load will make it harder and harder to catch up with the rest of the class.

Study, study, study

While it might seem obvious, the best way to come out of your course with a good grade is to make studying the primary concern during your time at university. Study will continue throughout your career, especially if you want to get to grips with the latest braces treatments. As said previously the four year course is exceptionally intensive, and while having free time to visit friends and family or simply relax is necessary, a large amount of your time outside of the lecture hall should be spent studying different materials. Make a note of the teaching methods of your lecturers and study how they teach (e.g. a lot of lecturers use heads up displays primarily, while other lectures will be heavily textbook orientated). Looking at past papers is also a sure fire way to prepare yourself as fully as you can.


While the course will demand a large chunk of your time and many social events may have to be missed, breaks and downtime are a must. Make a plan for when you’ll study, but make sure to give yourself time off and spend your breaks doing what you love.

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