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Mind the Gap The Benefits of Dental Bridges


Gaps affect our teeth in all sorts of ways.  Whether you’ve been unfortunate enough to lose a tooth or your teeth fall naturally far apart from each other, dental bridges offer an easy solution not only to improve the quality of your smile but also to ensure the best oral hygiene for your mouth.  Alas losing problem teeth doesn’t mean ridding of your dental troubles.  Bacteria thrive in the spaces between our teeth, and while some bacteria work in your mouth’s favour, there are also dangerous forms of oral bacteria that lead to the build up of plaque, causing tooth decay and gum disease.  So although no one wants to face the camera with a glaring gap between their teeth, it is also important to remember how easy food remains gather between teeth that are left untreated.  Furthermore the missing teeth put a fair amount of strain on the surrounding teeth, which can start to lean into the gaps and potentially cause more damage to your mouth.

A dental bridge puts an end to complaints such as these by replacing the gap with a securely fitted prosthetic tooth.  Your dentist is able to tailor the new tooth to your mouth, so that if you choose to have a porcelain replacement it will be impossible for those around you to spot which of your teeth are real.  And the benefits are endless.  On an aesthetic level, you will of course be able to smile with confidence for the camera.  On a more serious note however you will be able to chew your food easily and in the correct way, and, if your speech has been affected by the gaps in your teeth, it will now be restored to normal.  Protect the teeth you have left and keep your dental visits to a minimum.

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