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Metal Braces at dentists serving patients from Hanwell have never stopped being effective


When it comes to orthodontics most patients picture fixed braces, which use metal brackets fixed to the teeth and thin wire rods to pull and push the teeth into the required position. A lot of clients at Sparkle Dental are demanding “invisible” braces, which use plastic aligners, but there are still many who prefer the traditional type of braces, because they know they can be relied upon to get the job done and also because they are much cheaper than the new styles.

Even metal braces in Hanwell have come a long way in recent years from the bulky and unattractive “train tracks” that used to make many teenagers’ lives a misery. The material that both the brackets and wires are made from has advanced, and is now much thinner and lighter. This means that the braces can be smaller, which can help with the aesthetics of the brace, as well as cutting down on problems with eating, speech and irritation inside the mouth.

It can be difficult to persuade young people that they need braces, but we try our best to make orthodontics fun and patients can easily stamp their own personality on their metal braces by choosing what colour elastic bands are used to secure the wire to the brackets. If you have a favourite football team that wears stripes, you could even copy their shirt design in rubber bands!

Metal braces can be used for nearly all orthodontic problems, unlike many of the newer types of braces, which are no good for serious complications. Most clients will find that they have to wear fixed braces for between six months and two years, followed by a retainer for a short period to help fix the teeth in their new and improved position. Once the metal brackets and the cement that has held them in place have been removed, many patients do notice a slight discolouration of their teeth. This is easily resolved with a teeth whitening treatment, which is the perfect way to ensure that your new smile looks as good as possible.

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