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Meet Our New Team Member, Naipoki


There’s something special about elephants. It’s not just their immense size, incredible trunk, great ears and magnificent tusks… elephants are gentle, intelligent, loving and loyal. With an emotional make-up akin to our own, a sense of self, their sense of family and their sense of death, elephants deserve our special care.

At Sparkle Dental Boutique, our love of elephants has driven us to foster a four month old baby elephant Naipoki, who was orphaned when just 3 months old, and rescued from a well.

Naipoki means “something painted” in the Maa language.  Naipoki is unique in that she oozes intelligence and charm, and is adored by all the other baby elephants and the keepers.

We adopted Naipoki from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and more information is available at

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