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Marrakech…Magic Potions…and Dentistry!



The Moroccan dentist with patient Dr Sunita Verma

Marrakech is a place o f snake charmers, magic potions, souks, steamy hammams and hidden palaces. Within the medina or old city, disappear around a maze of winding alleys to find the celebrated square, the Jemaa el Fna, the hub bub of all activity.

On a recent visit, amongst the spices, exotic dried fruits, lanterns and steaming bowls of snails, I was somewhat surprised to find the Moroccan street dentist, a little old man sitting under an umbrella with tools neatly arrayed on a cloth on a fold up table together with dozens of teeth and dentures arranged like museum pieces.

The dentally challenged or merely curious poked at the wares, holding them up to the sunlight for closer inspection as did I. `Ten dirhams’ he said `for a photo’ and before I could say `bakhlava’, I was in his `dental chair’ or wooden stool ready for my shot!

My thoughts went back to my practice at Sparkle Dental Boutique, in Ealing where dentistry is carried out to the highest standards with strict controls on hygiene and cross infection.

Before I knew it, a small crowd had gathered to see the dentist in action. He posed for a picture and when I asked him about his teeth, he smiled and, using the tip of his tongue, lifted a denture from his upper and lower jaw!

Quite amazing!

The Moroccan dentist displays his wares


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