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Lumineer your way to a better smile with your Hanwell dentist


Lumineers is a brand name for a new type of dental veneer from America. Lumineers are wafer thin – thinner than most veneers – and as such they need very little in the way of preparation. With veneers, a portion of the tooth needs to be removed to make room, but Lumineers are so thin that in the majority of cases they can just be stuck straight onto the tooth surface.

What do Lumineers do?

Lumineers are able to be used to treat an assortment of tooth irregularities. They can be used to seal gaps between teeth, realign teeth, superficially repair cracked or broken teeth and they are also an alternative to teeth whitening. They are ‘made to measure’, so they will  fit your personal requirements.

Where am I able to get Lumineers?

Lumineers are not currently a standard part of dentistry and only some Hanwell dentists supply them. This is because the special Cerinate porcelain that the Lumineers are made from is only manufactured in the US, and dentists in the UK have to be registered with the factory to be able to supply them. Sparkle Dental Boutique is one such dentist.

What is the procedure?

Once you have found a dentist to fit the Lumineers, the procedure is very simple. The dentist will take impressions of your teeth to be sent away, and the Lumineers are made from these impressions. Once they are ready they are simply cemented onto the teeth. For this reason Lumineers are not permanent and can be removed at any time.

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