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Did you know you can see a hygienist without seeing a dentist?


As of May 2013, General Dental Council permits patients to directly access the services of dental hygienists. Previously, hygienists had to work on the prescription of a dentist. This means that hygienists can now carry out their full scope of practice without prescription and without the patient having to see a dentist first.

You need to understand the scope of what dental hygienists can and cannot do. They can:

-Remove stain, tartar, bacterial deposits and other debris

-Give advice on oral hygiene

-Show how to use tools such as interdental brushes

-Advice you on the progression of gum disease but more advanced conditions need to be assessed by a dentist.

However, they cannot diagnose or give the prognosis of diseases such as decay, broken teeth, etc. They also cannot prescribe antibiotics, painkillers or any other drugs to ease the symptoms.

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