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Is Essential Dental Treatment Safe during Pregnancy?


In a recent article published in the June issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association, a study suggests that pregnant women can safely undergo essential dental treatment and receive topical and local anaesthetics at 13 to 21 weeks.

Researchers compared safety outcomes from the Obstetrics and Periodontal Therapy Trial in which pregnant women received scaling and root planing and essential dental treatment.The researchers randomly assigned 823 pregnant women with periodontitis to receive scaling and root planing either at 13 to 21 weeks’ gestation or up to 3 months after delivery. The researchers determined that 483 of these women also needed essential dental treatment. Three hundred and fifty one of the women completed all recommended treatment. Throughout the trial, obstetric nurses reviewed medical records to monitor subjects for serious adverse events. The results of the study showed that “periodontal treatment and essential dental treatment, administered at a time between 13 and 21 weeks’ gestation, did not significantly increase the risk of any adverse outcome evaluated. In addition the use of topical and local anaesthetics for scaling and root planing was not associated with an increased risk of experiencing adverse events and outcomes.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy sometimes cause gums to bleed more easily and this is why at Sparkle Dental Boutique close to Kew, we actively encourage patients who are pregnant to come for regular check ups. As a general rule, we do not take any x-rays during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary and leave the replacement of amalgam fillings until after the baby is born.

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