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Is bad breath getting in the way?


Having bad oral health can bring about a number of issues and problems, from embarrassing bad breath to potentially life threatening problems like cancer. Thankfully, bad breath is something that can be greatly reduced simply by making changes to your daily dental hygiene routine and visiting your dental hygienist.

What causes bad breath?

There are a number of things that can cause bad breath. From diet to sleeping habits, to how much you drink a day! Luckily many of these causes are easy to manage and treat. If you find your breath takes on a rather unappealing smell after a meal (especially if the meal includes stereotypically odorous foods such as garlic), then this can usually be cured with chewing gum or brushing your teeth (many dentists recommend you brush after every meal anyway!)

One of the main causes of bad breath is bacteria living in your mouth. These bacteria give off volatile sulphur compounds which gather in hard to reach areas of your mouth, such as under your tongue and, notably, at the back of the throat.

Another cause can be the stagnation of saliva. Ever woken up in the morning with really bad breath? The main suspect will be lazy saliva! When we sleep most of our bodily functions slow down, and this includes the circulation of saliva in the mouth. During the day our saliva is constantly being refreshed as we swallow; this rinses away loose pieces of food and a small amount of the volatile sulphur mentioned earlier. While we sleep this slows down dramatically and anything that needs to be washed away won’t be.

What can I do to help this?

A recent invention that has been made to help clean hard to reach areas of the mouth is the TheraBreath Plus Extinguisher Breath Spray. Quite a mouthful (no pun intended) isn’t it? This device works by spraying a formula to the back of the throat which neutralises the bacteria there.

If bad breath continues to bug you, book in to see a dental hygienist or a periodontist for a thorough gum cleaning. Not all dental surgeries offer periodontics, but those living in the Ealing area are in luck.

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