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Invisible Braces are Available at Dentists serving Patients from Chiswick


In the bad old days, if you were told that you needed orthodontic work from a dentist serving patients in Chiswick, you only had one option when it came time to choose your braces; namely metal “train tracks.” Unsurprisingly both teenagers and adults hated wearing these uncomfortable and unattractive braces and dental experts set about designing a more modern approach to orthodontics, which would give patients the smile they had always dreamed of – without making them embarrassed to open their mouths during treatment.

The dental world has done a great job over the last decade, with several different types of braces now available that are either virtually invisible or designed specifically to blend in with your natural teeth colour. One of the most widely used is the popular Invisalign brand, which uses a series of ever-tighter clear plastic aligners to pull teeth into the required position. Invisalign has even launched its own sub-brands, such as Invisalign Teen which can help the orthodontist to monitor how long the patient is wearing their braces, as well as Invisalign Lite for minor cosmetic corrections that will only take a few weeks or months to correct.

Simpli5 is another clear aligner brand which has developed its own style of plastic braces, also used for patients with minor orthodontic problems. Like the Invisalign aligners, Simpli5 retainers can be removed for eating, cleaning teeth and even for special occasions; although patients should remember that the more time their braces spend out of their mouth, the longer the treatment will take.

Lingual braces actually look a little like the old “train tracks” when they are outside of the mouth, but as they are actually fitted to the backs of the teeth, they are as good as invisible when the patient is talking, eating and smiling. These braces are often more appropriate than plastic aligners for those with serious orthodontic problems. All of these invisible or hidden style braces are available at many dentists in Chiswick, perfect for patients who want to carry on looking their best while their braces are working hard making their teeth look even better.

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