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How You Can Have ‘New Teeth in a Day’ with Dental Implants.


Not many people know much about Dental Implants, until they lose a tooth. Which can make the search for implants  when you need them a little complicated. If you’re searching for Dental Implants in Ealing, then look no further than Sparkle Dental. 

With our Dental Implant services, we can create a natural looking smile and restore your confidence in less than a day!

What are Dental Implants?
For many people who are suffering with missing teeth, or uncomfortable dentures, dental implants can make them feel as if they have their original smile back. 

Dental Implants consist of 3 parts;

1 The Dental Implant: a small and study titanium post that acts as a root structure within the jaw.

2 The Abutment: an attachment which connects the implant to the crown.
3 The Crown: the natural looking and strong replacement tooth. 

Implants mean no more embarrassing gaps in your teeth, no more awkward moments of slipping dentures. Just a beautiful, natural looking smile that you can be proud of. 

What about the pain and recovery process?

The procedure for Dental Implants is considered to be less painful than getting a root canal. This is mostly due to the fact your jaw bone has less nerves running through it than your teeth. However, it is still an invasive treatment, so it is likely to hurt more than a regular filling and will be carried out under anaesthetic or sedation. 

While your new teeth will look great straight away, it’s likely that you might not feel your best for a few days after. Over the counter painkillers should be enough to get you through it, and make sure you only eat liquid food for the first week to make sure your mouth heals properly. 

For many people, Dental Implants can be the long term solution they’ve been searching for. Your implants will function exactly like normal teeth, and will look stunning while they do so. 

If you’re searching for Dental Implants in Ealing, contact Sparkle Dental today to book a consultation appointment.  

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