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How to deal with dental emergencies before you visit Brentford dentists


Dental emergencies are never a welcome problem for people in Brentford, but being hit with sudden dental issues that require immediate notice can be a nightmare. It also doesn’t take much searching of the Internet to find horror stories concerning dental emergencies that haven’t been treated quickly, which have gone horribly wrong. Delays with a dental problem are not what you want and with sudden emergencies it could be far more devastating.

While most dental emergencies are rare occurrences, when they do happen immediate action is needed. But this is not always viable. In these circumstances, we may need to find ways of easing the pain ourselves while we wait for a professional. While this is only recommended in extreme circumstances, your first port of call should always be to find a dentist and home methods should only be used as a last resort.

Problems such as a lost filling or knocked out tooth can be dealt with to a certain degree at home. Dentists recommend using chewing gum to block any lost fillings as a short-term fix, while putting a lost tooth in a glass of milk is a recommended way of keeping it alive until a dentist can be seen.

Many dental studios have out-of-hours numbers that can be used night or day, and local studios will often set aside a certain amount of time, staff and resources to deal with dental emergencies in their area.

It is also recommended to keep an emergency kit. The last thing you want to be doing is searching for painkillers or swabs. Having a small amount of medical supplies available for any medical problem can really take some of the panic away if you are unlucky enough to suffer a dental emergency.

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