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How Root Canal Treatment Could Save the Smile of Countless Residents in Brentford


An Emnid survey of 2,000 people showed that over 80% of participants valued a healthy smile.  So when it comes to having teeth removed this is one of the worst things that can happen when trying to preserve your smile.  However, in many cases, there is the option of root canal treatment which can save your tooth instead of removing it.

Lots of patients in Brentford are just not sure what root canal treatment actually is, believing that tooth removal is the only way to go – this is not true.  On the other hand those who do know what it entails decide against having the treatment, through the belief that it is a painful experience. In actual fact it is relatively pain-free with the addition of properly administered anaesthetic, much like a simple filling procedure.

Teeth can become infected through injury and general decay. When a tooth becomes infected the soft tissue inside becomes inflamed and if left untreated can lead to an abscess, which will cause you pain and discomfort.

So what exactly is root canal treatment?

The procedure is completed within one or two visits to the dentist.  Firstly, the infected tissue is removed and the root canal is then cleaned using very fine instruments to prepare it for filling.  On your second visit to the dentist the dentist will then fit the filling into the tooth and a crown may also be fitted, to give the tooth some extra protection if needed.  After the root canal treatment is complete the newly fixed tooth may feel slightly tender for a few days after.  This discomfort can be treated with normal painkillers before the pain eventually subsides.

The treatment has a hugely impressive success rate of around 95% when performed by a qualified dentist and is certainly a viable alternative to having your teeth removed should they become infected.  It is a now simple and effective procedure in modern dentistry, so next time you think you have to get that tooth removed – remember that root canal treatment could save your smile.

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