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How Do Interceptive Braces Work For Patients Near Acton?


It used to be believed that orthodontists would only begin studying a patient’s teeth when they reach their early teenage years, or as soon as all the milk teeth were gone and the adult teeth fully erupted. Now, it is common for children to be checked by orthodontists from the age of seven. By doing this, early warning signs can be spotted and treated to prevent any further damage occurring later in life. This way, treatment may not be necessary by the time the patient becomes a teenager as the natural alignment of the teeth and jaw has been altered. This is known as ‘interceptive orthodontics’.

What can be prevented?

  • A lot of young children are prone to crowding of the teeth when their jaws are still small and not fully developed. Interceptive orthodontics can easily adjust the jaw at this age allowing teeth to erupt and extrude easily. There are many appliances that can be used to adjust the shape and size of the jaw.
  • Similar work on the jaw can also prevent problems with the child’s bite that may cause pain and discomfort if allowed to continue development into later life.
  • As teeth do not all come through at the same time, there may be gaps where milk teeth have been that new teeth may start to ‘invade’ that space by drifting and rotating towards it. For this, a ‘space maintainer’ can be used to temporarily fill the gap, causing the adjacent teeth to stay straight.

If you want to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your children’s teeth are growing healthy and regular, contact Sparkle Dental Boutique near Acton and arrange an appointment to get them checked. Remember; minor adjustments at a young age can prevent serious problems later in life!



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