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How Cosmetic Bonding can Transform Your Smile in No Time for Patients near Kew


When it comes to cosmetic dentistry there is always another option, or another way to get the smile you want. Veneers are one way of creating the look of perfect ‘smile’ teeth but cosmetic bonding is another choice, which requires less preparation to the tooth enamel.

Cosmetic bonding vs veneers

Unlike veneers the natural tooth does not need to be shaved or shaped in order for the treatment to be done. Another bonus is that the whole process can be done in around an hour, depending on what is required. A composite resin, or white filling material, is used to help correct minor imperfections such as discolouration and chips. It can also be used to change the size or shape of the teeth and give uneven teeth a straighter appearance.

Cosmetic bonding- the ‘one hour smile makeover’

Because this treatment can be done in a single appointment is it sometimes referred to as the ‘one hour smile makeover’. Instead of having to have an initial consultation followed by a number of other appointments to fit veneers or crowns the issues can be addressed there and then. This means you can walk out with a smile you can be proud of the very same day.

Cosmetic bonding is ideal for teeth that have been chipped or cracked and need instant repair. The white filling material is moulded to the shape of the gap and the edges rounded off to give the appearance of natural dental material.

On average cosmetic bonding can last for around 8 to 10 years. However due to the nature of the material used they are prone to staining more easily than natural teeth. Therefore yearly professional polishes may be required to keep them looking clean and bright.

If you would like more information on cosmetic bonding please contact the practice today. We provide cosmetic dental treatments for patients near Kew and throughout the UK.


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