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Holistic Health and how it can help you with your dental needs


As we march along with our busy lives in our hectic jobs where we meet a variety of characters, the stress and strain which this puts on our bodies is not always beneficial. Increased blood pressure and eating an unhealthy diet are all indications that all is not well and we must try harder for us to improve our overall health. It is the norm for people to go to their doctors or GP’s and ask for medication but there is one other type of treatment which is not known by everyone although it should be.

What is Holistic Health?

Holistic Health treatment is available for a vast majority of people. Whether you’re living in a Mayfair penthouse or Ealing flat, Holistic Health is where it works alongside your body and decides to not give you direct medication such as Paracetamol but tips on how to improve your general health such as herbal remedies, improving your diet, nutritional supplements and meditation. Holistic Health is not just a minority or cult form of treatment but with many practices present around the world this is mainstream on a big scale.

So what’s all the fuss about?

There are several theories and forms of research that suggest that there is a link between periodontal disease and heart disease. If oral bacteria enters your blood stream thanks to the quality of your gums lessening, this might have the potential for the quality of your heart to suffer and it might leave the person in agonising pain thanks to them having heart disease. It could even cause untold stress on your heart which might result in a heart attack. Holistic Health could help identify future problems and suggest treatments and ways to change your diet or lifestyle which might reduce your chances of having a heart attack.

If your periodontal health starts to worsen, the chances of diabetes developing is a strong possibility. Eating excessive sugary foods not only means that the wrong type of food stuff is being absorbed into your body but it can also help degrade the quality of your gums. Having a high sugar level in your body plays havoc with your body’s ability to regulate sugar levels and this increases your chances of developing diabetes. Holistic Health can help provide you with other non-traditional forms of treatment which are just as successful as medication from your GP.

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