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Helping Your Child near Acton Avoid Teenage Orthodontic Embarrassment with Interceptive Braces


The teenage years can be hard enough but add braces into the mix and it can be a recipe for disaster. Like many other dental issues the need for braces can be avoided, or at least minimised. By looking for the tell-tale signs of tooth misalignment our trained orthodontists can pick up on potential issues and work towards correcting them before they become a problem.

When can you first spot orthodontic problems?

The best time to start looking for possible crookedness is around the age of 7, which is when most children will have a mixture of both milk and adult teeth. It is also the time when complications that could result in braces will arise. Issues such as crowding, extra or missing teeth and excess space between teeth can all result in misaligned adult teeth if not tackled soon enough. Jaw growth problems can also be responsible for a number of dental issues in young adults.

There are some factors that can cause issues with adult teeth such as thumb sucking. Dental disease, poor dental hygiene, accidents and the premature or late loss of milk teeth can have an influence on the alignment of the teeth. Our specialist orthodontists will be able to care for your child’s oral wellbeing and provide the necessary treatment to avoid braces ever being needed.

Oral hygiene and crooked teeth

Not only does tooth misalignment cause embarrassment it can also lead to a number of oral health related problems, which arise due to difficult to clean crooked areas. Food debris and plaque are able to accumulate in these spots, which may lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

The simple rule of prevention is better than cure stands true here. The sooner an issue is spotted the sooner it can be countered and the less likely it will be that braces will be needed later in life.



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