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Have you got the wrong idea about dental implants at your Chiswick dentist?


Losing a tooth can affect many different functions, such as chewing, the way you speak, keeping your facial muscles in place and stopping your other teeth from moving into different positions.  Losing a tooth can also affect your general self-esteem – but you could consider dental implants to restore the confidence you feel in the way your teeth look.

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants at your Chiswick dentist are an option that will work really well.  They actually look, feel and work in the same way as natural teeth, making them the next best thing should you need to replace any missing teeth.  Lots of patients are often put off by dental implants, believing that it is a treatment for older people.  This is not the case, as patients of all ages (within reason) can have the treatment if they have lost a tooth.

What is involved in the process of having the dental implant procedure?

There are three parts that go into creating a dental implant; these are the dental implant, the Abutment and the Crown.  After an initial assessment of your mouth, your dentist will insert a small titanium post into your jaw to act as the root of the tooth – this is the dental implant.  There is then a waiting period in which the bone is given time to grow around the implant, which usually takes around two to six months.  After this your dentist will attach the new crown to the dental implant by using an abutment, which keeps the new ‘tooth’ secure and in place.  Your new dental implant, if cared for properly and cleaned regularly, can actually last a lifetime.

The treatment itself is extremely successful and, although fairly long, it is well worth it.  It is also relatively pain-free when under anaesthetic, so there is no need to worry about the pain of the treatment.

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