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Have you ever been away and needed urgent dental treatment?


As with many health conditions dental pain can occur at any time and in any place. Accidents can also happen and treatment may be required urgently. Common dental emergency problems include toothache and tooth pain, which could even be associated with the development of wisdom, chipped or broken teeth or injuries that affect the jaw bone. So, what should you do when you are out of the country and your Hanwell dentist is not on hand to help?

Preparing for travelling

Many people may panic when they need urgent treatment at home, let alone abroad, so it is a good idea to see a dentist before you go and also to ensure that your travel policy includes cover for any medical or dental treatment. If you have children it is also a good idea to take them for a routine check-up before you go away.

It is also a good idea to do some research before you go and find out what kinds of facilities are available at the resort.

What to do if you need dental treatment

If you need urgent dental treatment and you are travelling abroad it is a good idea to ask staff at the hotel or resort you are staying at for advice about local facilities. Most hotels have a list of contact numbers and you can arrange to see a dentist simply by calling them. You will need to check the details of your travel insurance policy to see whether you need to pay directly. Some providers pay the dentist directly, while others will ask you to pay the bill and then reimburse you when you return.

If you suffer a serious injury and you require emergency treatment, you will need to use the number for the emergency services (equivalent to 999 in the UK). It would be useful to research this before you go or find out when you get there. When you get back you can then visit your Hanwell dentist to make sure all is well with your teeth and gums.

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