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Have you been told you need bone grafting?


Bone grafting is a procedure which is used to increase bone tissue in one area by taking tissue from another area in the body or using animal tissue or synthetic materials to boost bone density. In dentistry, bone grafting is commonly used to support dental implants. There are different methods of bone grafting which can be used if the bone tissue is not dense enough to support an implant.

What does the bone grafting procedure involve?

There are different bone grafting methods; the four main methods include autografting, allografts, alloplastic grafts and xenografts.

Autografts involve bone tissue being taken from the human body. Bone is grafted from one area of the body to increase the density of the tissue in another area of the body. Commonly, with dental implants, bone is grafted from the hip or a different area of the mouth. Autografting is the most commonly used type of bone grafting, as the grafted bone is compatible with the new site.

Allografts use human bone but the bone tissue is taken from a donor; people can specify if they would like to donate their organs or tissue in the event that they die. Te body starts to convert the donor bone tissue into natural bone, which helps to boost the jaw bone tissue. Alloplastic grafts use synthetic material, which mimics the role of natural bone tissue. Xenografts use bone tissue from animals; the animal bone undergoes a special process to make it compatible with human tissue; over the course of time, the body replaces the animal tissue with natural human bone tissue.

Why is bone grafting needed?

In some cases, when an individual wants to have dental implants, they may have to undergo bone grafting to increase the amount of bone tissue in their jaw. In order for the implant to be successful, there must be enough bone tissue to support it. If this is not the case, your dentist may advise you to have a bone graft to boost the jawbone and enable it to support the new implant.

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Dental implants have become the most popular means of replacing missing and damaged teeth and hundreds of people from all around the UK, from Warrington to Kew are opting for the treatment. In most cases, people have sufficient bone tissue to support an implant; however, in some cases, there is not enough bone tissue and a bone grafting procedure will be carried out to build up the jawbone or fill in areas where bone is brittle.

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