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Hanwell dentists look at stem cell banks and the effect they are having


Stemade Biotech, a company of dental stem cell banking, has become the first private company to open a dental stem cell bank in India.

New advances in stem cell research are being introduced almost daily, just as new ground is being made with treatments like dental implants in dentistry, and using these advances Stemade are able to extract stem cells from primary and wisdom teeth. These cells can then be banked and used to preserve and protect your and your family’s smiles in a special cryogenic storage facility.

Stem cells hold the genetic build up of the person they were taken from and, as such, can be used in medical therapy. The cells can be taken from a number of sources, including umbilical cords, muscle tissue and bone marrow, as well as milk teeth, which is the main focus of this new cell bank from Stemade. They have created a bank of dental stem cells to cover you and your family from any potential future incidents and critical health concerns.

Among some of the diseases that scientists hope stem cell research can help with are cancer, type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, MI, MS, osteoarthritis, spinal injuries and wound healing, as well as many others.

While Stemade have their headquarters in Mumbai, the company have developed into a number of international cities including Delhi, Hyberbad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.

Despite the ongoing social and scientific debates concerning the use of stem cells, the dental cell bank has proved exceptionally popular, especially among parents, due to a mixture of a desire to protect their child’s health, low costs and ease of extraction.

Stemade hope to use the groundbreaking technology to arm future generations against critical health risks, creating a future they can enter confidently.

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