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Good Nutrition Month-Root Canal Treatment Advice For Patients Near Brentford


November is good nutrition month and a healthy diet will help protect healthy teeth. Whilst minimising foods that contain sugar and starch, and limiting snacks between brushing, are all important, so is a healthy diet. Good nutrition will build strong and healthy teeth. Poor nutrition can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. One of the more painful oral problems that will not heal itself, is a root canal infection.

What Is a Root Canal Infection?

Inside every tooth is a soft tissue called pulp which contains nerves. When infected, this soft tissue becomes inflamed and sometimes very painful. However, sometimes the patient feels nothing and only an x-ray will show the infection. Because the infection won’t heal itself, the tooth will often become sensitive to hot or cold can become tender when biting or chewing, can cause facial or oral swelling and sometimes a bad taste in the mouth. If left untreated the tooth will have to be removed.

What Causes Root Canal Infection?

Root canal infections are caused by trauma or injury to the tooth, deep decay, a cracked or chipped tooth, and repeated dental procedures. This can result in abscesses which create the sensitivity felt by people suffering from root canal infections.

Treatment at Sparkle

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Brentford, treatment typically takes two visits. The first removes the centre of the tooth to allow access to the root. The infected pulp is removed and a temporary filling is put in place. On the second visit the Sparkle, the temporary filling is removed and the tooth is checked to make sure the infection has been successfully treated. The deep filling is then applied and a crown can be added which increases tooth strength and protection.




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