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Getting to the Root of the Problem


Mentioning to someone you’re undergoing root canal treatment and the normal reaction is a quick intake of breath, several murmurs of sympathy, and an expression that says, ‘I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes’.  But what really happens during a root canal procedure and why is it important to undergo the treatment?  Quite simply, root canal is an effective way of dealing with bacterial infection caused either by tooth decay, gum disease or injury.  If left untreated, a painful abscess can form on the tooth, causing permanent damage and even tooth loss.  During the surgery, your dentist enters the problem tooth through a hole so as to remove the dead or infected area.  But don’t panic!  The procedure sounds a lot worse than it actually feels – in fact, discomfort experienced from an untreated tooth will in the long term be far more painful.

But I can’t take time out to undergo surgery!

Contrary to the nightmarish stereotype, root canal procedures are comparable to having a routine filling.  Furthermore no hospital visit or overnight stay is necessary.  Patients are given a local anaesthetic that allows them to remain conscious throughout the entire treatment and to go home directly afterwards.  Treatment takes place within those surgeries offering the service.  So if you’ve been faced with the prospect of losing your tooth by abstraction, check out your local surgery in Kew, where you can take advice from dentists experienced in offering root canal.  Rather than settling for dentures before your time, root canal surgery prolongs the life of your tooth for as long as ten years after treatment.

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Why put up with gaps, implants or bridges when root canal gives you the options to keep your own smile – and to keep on smiling!

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