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Fix your damaged or infected teeth from the inside, through root canal treatment at your local dentist.

Root canal is one of those phrases that can strike fear into the heart of any dental phobia patient. Along with fillings and extractions they’re one of those procedures that everyone will do anything they can to avoid! Yet actually, a root canal can be fairly painless, apart from some discomfort once the local anaesthetic has worn off, and is usually essential for the health of the tooth involved.

Root canal may sound like a hi-tech name for the treatment, but it actually refers to the part of the tooth involved; the root canal system of the inner part of the tooth. Sometimes this can become infected or damaged, through tooth decay, leaky fillings or even injuries and accidents. However it happens, damage to the root of a tooth is very painful. Much worse than any minor pain you might experience during root canal treatment.

Sometimes the infection in the tooth can travel all the way down the root and into the gums. In these cases, dentists may decide it is better to remove the tooth, but most professionals will try and save a tooth where possible, which is where root canal treatment comes in. The procedure itself is something like a filling.

Once the nasty bacteria has been removed then the root canal is filled, to prevent any infection returning and to repair any damage it has already done, and then the treatment finishes with the sealing of the tooth itself with either a crown or a filling. Once this has been done, you should notice a reduction in the inflammation around the gums, and hopefully less pain, as the tooth starts to heal.

Obviously, no-one wants to lose a tooth. Aside from all the hassle of having dentures or implants fitted, it doesn’t look good to have gaps in your smile. Root canal is a simple and time-honoured way to try and save your damaged teeth.

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Most dentists are able to carry out root canal treatment so you should be able to find someone to carry out the procedure in the Acton area.

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