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Get New Teeth in a (May) Day with All on 4 Dental Implants for Patients from Chiswick this May Bank Holiday


Suffering from lost teeth or wobbly dentures can leave patients from Chiswick with a headache and a severe lack of confidence. No one wants to spend lots of time at the dentist having treatment after treatment, wondering when it’s ever going to end. Well, now patients have the option of the innovative All on 4 treatment, which is a fantastic, fast way of replacing lost teeth that then remain firmly in the mouth.

Dentures can be an absolute nightmare, ill-fitting, loose and giving you difficulty going about your normal everyday life such as when eating, speaking and drinking, however, with All on 4 treatment these problems will be a thing of the past.

How does All on 4 treatment work?

Using All on 4 means you will no longer have to use denture adhesives, as your new teeth will be permanent, non moving teeth like a set of natural teeth. A whole arch of permanent teeth can be achieved using this innovative technology, so that a denture or bridge can be fixed stably into place in just one day using 4 dental implants.


It used to take a long time to have a dental implant procedure, with restorative fixtures such as dentures and bridges fitted into place months after the initial treatment was completed. Often the procedure would also require bone grafting to increase bone density and make the jaw suitable for treatment. The All on 4 treatment can be completed with a restorative attached in just one day, as it uses four specially angled implants to fully support dentures without the need for months of healing time.

After the procedure you will be free to eat any of the foods you love but used to avoid because of your dentures. Loose dentures can often cause speech problems, which can lead to a lack of confidence interacting with people. However, with the All on 4 treatment your speech can return to normal and your confidence will be restored.

You will then be left with a beautiful set of teeth and a confident smile, ready to eat, drink and socialise whenever you like. Speak to a Sparkle Dental Boutique dentist now for more details.

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