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Functional Braces for Patients from Brentford can Make All the Difference to a Smile


Nowadays there are so many choices for orthopaedic braces, from metal to invisible, all aimed at straightening teeth. Also called orthopaedic braces, functional braces are an orthodontic braces treatment with an expected 9 to 12 month treatment period. Functional braces consist of a removable plate with delicate metal wire designed to correct how lower and upper teeth fit or bite together.

How do functional braces work?

Functional braces are custom-made in a dental lab according to your own mouth contours. A dentist takes images of your teeth and gums with accurate measurements for making and fitting your functional braces. Wearing functional braces changes the way your teeth move together by moulding your jawbone growth, mouth soft tissues and facial muscle tone.

What orthodontic conditions are improved through functional braces?

Functional braces at dentists serving patients from Brentford can correctly mould any lower or upper front teeth that are protruding to a normal oral position and can improve the bite of molar teeth. Misaligned upper and lower front teeth may cause facial muscles to functional abnormally affecting facial expression. Functional braces enhance oral-facial function.

Who can be treated with functional braces?

Children with irregular milk teeth still present around age 6 onwards are candidates for functional braces treatment, as are adults. An Orthodontist evaluates a person’s oral-facial function and recommends such treatment where appropriate.

What are the benefits and risks of wearing functional braces?

When first wearing functional braces, the mouth takes about a week to adjust to the appliance and can feel tender during this period. Functional braces may irritate parts of the mouth, like the gums and tongue, and in some cases speech is affected for a while. Usually patients get used to wearing the braces, however, painkillers during the adjustment period may be recommended or orthodontic wax for greater comfort. The benefits of wearing functional braces outweigh this initial discomfort because with such treatment:

  • The teeth are straightened and bite is greatly improved, correcting orthodontic irregularities.
  • A patient experiences better oral, physical and mental health.
  • Facial tone, expression and smile improve in appearance.
  • A greater confidence is experienced.

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