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Fix that sweatshop feeling: how to deal with Excessive Sweating


Ever been preparing for that special occasion, dinner date or work conference only to find that your best outfit has been ruined by excessive underarm damp patches?  There’s no worse social situation than finding you can’t control severe sweating during some of life’s most important moments.  Furthermore this sort of sweating can affect you at any time of day, unannounced, which makes it increasingly difficult to prepare for or manage in any way.  And it’s not just underarm perspiration that is a distressing problem for some people.

Other complaints include sweating in the hands, feet and chest area, which, when combined with an abundance of underarm moisture, results in some serious discomfort that can affect much of your day-to-day routine.  Unbeknown to many silent sufferers, there’s actually a fast and effective way to put an end to the embarrassment of extreme perspiration – and the feeling that you’ve run a marathon when in reality you’ve not moved from your desk.  And the options for accessing such remedies are even more surprising.

Did You Say Botox at the Dentist?

Pop into your local Brentford dental surgery (yes dental!) and the last treatment you would expect to see on offer is one for excessive sweating.  Now it’s easier than ever to access the medical care you need and at a location that is convenient to you.  And the best thing about this service is that there is no need to track down a separate consultant.  Your trusted dentist is right there to take you quickly and safely through your treatment plan.  Long-lasting results are achieved by a series of straightforward botox injections that work to prevent the glands from producing such large amounts of sweat.  It really is as fast as a filling, and with such dramatic reductions in gland activity, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.  Botox gets to work immediately on the problem area and you will experience astonishing effects within just one week of beginning your course of treatment.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

So next time you’re having a routine check-up, be sure to ask your dentist about routine botox treatment for excessive sweating.  Save all that sweating for the gym, not the office!

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