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Fear of the dentist could be a thing of the past


Suffering from dental phobia can cause your oral health to suffer. But now there are lots of techniques and technologies to encourage the nervous patient into the dentist’s chair.

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common phobias out there, up at the top of the list with heights, spiders and the dark. Unlike the other three, which are probably at worst inconvenient, fear of the dentist can actually damage your health. Those affected are so afraid to get in the dentist’s chair that they will often suffer with toothache or bleeding gums for a long time, causing untold damage to their mouth, before finally seeking attention.

Dentists are starting to take steps to encourage these dental phobics to return. Most surgeries these days look nothing like a surgery, with a pleasant atmosphere, music playing, artwork on the walls etc. All this is intended to create a relaxing atmosphere so the phobic doesn’t feel stressed as soon as they walk in the door. New technologies are always being developed to try and make the experience less uncomfortable and more pleasant for the patient.

Serious cases may require some kind of therapy to overcome whatever trauma caused them to become so afraid of the dentist; usually a bad experience in their youth is involved. Some surgeries offer hypnotherapy to relax phobics during check-ups or procedures and if the patient has to undergo a longer, more complicated treatment, then they can always be sedated.

Naturally, this is not ideal and if another way to deal with the phobia, without resorting to drugs, can be found then this is better for both patient and dentist. A lot of dental phobics are children, who are probably more afraid of the unknown than anything that has actually happened to them! If your child appears nervous about an upcoming visit, talk to your dentist and ask if you can bring them in for a visit beforehand.

The child can meet the dentist without his scary mask, have the chair take them up and down and even hear the dreaded drilling noise, without it having negative connotations. The dentist can even show them all the gruesome looking tools he uses and explain what they are for, so there will be no nasty surprises on the day.

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