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Eco Dentistry at Dentists Serving Kew “Connects Cultures” for Commonwealth Day


Annually in the UK, Commonwealth Day follows a theme, such as “Health and Vitality” in 2006, “The Environment, Our Future” in 2008 and this past year’s “Women as Agents of Change”. In keeping with these themes, the 2012 theme will be “Connecting Cultures” to celebrate the Commonwealth of Nations and people of the world, enjoying their music, dance, faith, experiences and environments.

Observing Commonwealth Day

Although no uniform observance is followed across the world, Commonwealth Day is usually observed during March in the UK. A multi-faith service is held at Westminster Abbey and the Queen speaks to the world about Commonwealth Celebration, while the Union Flag flies from public buildings. The Queen’s Baton Relay is held on this day, started by the Queen giving the baton to a relay athlete to start the Games. This year, Commonwealth Day also celebrates the Queens’s 60-year milestone as UK Monarch and Head of the Commonwealth – Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. While not all countries observe this day as a public holiday or publicised celebration, it is an upheld joyous occasion of cultural celebration by individuals, groups, organisations and companies in the UK.

Eco Dentistry Connects Cultures

Dentists who practise Eco Dentistry unite with all to celebrate Commonwealth Day. Many dentists “go green” by educating patients about oral and overall health; using computerised patient records; reducing lighting, using disposable materials (including cups), reducing their water use; using digital X-rays and amalgam separation; avoiding the use of mercury; and preserving energy consumption by switch off all electrical equipment.

However, Eco Dentistry connects cultures best by meeting patient needs, giving them options and choices, which may include economical treatments abroad. Patients happy with their dental treatments, such as smile makeovers and facial rejuvenation, enjoy the benefits of beauty and confidence when meeting and engaging with others from all over the world. Eco Dentists contribute to the theme of this year’s Commonwealth Day by making the environment a healthier place to enjoy culture, where happy people can connect together in family, friendship and occupation.

Sparkle Dental Boutique, which provides treatment for patients from Kew, is all for eco living in all walks of life.

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