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E-Harmony encourages smashing smiles


The leading dating website E-Harmony has stated that a warming and confident smile on your profile picture is often one of the first things a potential date picks up on when browsing through their matches. Going hand in hand with a confident smile is an attractive smile. While many people will spend hours getting ready for a first date, checking and double checking that they look good to make a first impression, how much time do most spend on their smile?

While most people would invest a lot of time an effort into picking the right outfit or even combing through the high street looking for the perfect new one, nervous dates will usually only brush and perhaps floss in preparation for a big date. So why not invest wisely in cosmetic dentistry at Sparkle Dental Boutique, Ealing to fix those smile problems you’ve always disliked?

Even if the date is only this weekend many cosmetic dental treatments are be done in just a few hours and leave the patient fully recovered within just a few days at most! Popular and quick cosmetic dental treatments are teeth whitening and dental bonding, both of which can be done in just one visit and have a relatively short recovery time.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very common practice in today’s society and can usually be done in two different ways, in-surgery and at-home whitening. In-surgery as you would imagine is done at the dental surgery using a whitening laser and light sensitive gel which is placed on the teeth, the treatment takes around an hour but will vary depending on the level of change you want, the results are also almost instantaneous. At-home whitening is done at home over a number of applications of whitening gel that you acquire from the dentist, many internet sites claim to sell these but can prove dangerous so make sure you only get yours from your licensed dentist!

Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is used in a number of cosmetic dental procedures, and comprises of dental composite which is moulded into certain shapes depending on what it is needed for; common usages are to create a white filling to plug a cavity and replace worn fillings with unnoticeable white composite.

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