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Dreading the Drill? How to deal with Dental Phobia


Walk into most dental surgeries and you’ll find a room full of anxious patients counting down the minutes until they have to face the dreaded dentist’s chair.  It seems that we would all rather be anywhere but at the dentist having a routine check up.  And the chair really does symbolise the root of this fear.  Many people, as they lean back, dislike the idea of a dentist at their head, reaching for several tortuous looking instruments and speaking in what seems like a code to the dental nurse about the state of their teeth.  We just don’t like feeling out of control.

Most people expect the worst.  And, unfortunately, for those who are literally too scared to make it regularly past the receptionist, the amount of work required could be a lot more than had they kept to the recommended two check ups per year.  Prevention is one way of keeping gum disease at bay and invasive treatment to a minimum, but, of course, preventative habits come hand in hand with visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

I haven’t seen a dentist since I was a child – help!!

So what about those of us who really have avoided the dentist for several years?  For many people their phobia of all things dental is such that experiencing serious ongoing toothache is preferable to seeking immediate advice from professionals.  Key to addressing these fears about treatment – many of which are about outdated practices, or are simply untrue – is finding a sympathetic dentist able to reassure you about the type of procedures available.  Why not break the habit today and take your first step to having a healthier mouth?  By contacting one of the many surgeries that can be found in Kew, your worst fears about dentistry can be quickly laid to rest.  Many dental phobias arise from the patient’s lack of information; images left over from distressing childhood experiences can lead to a tendency to assume the worst-case scenario.  Remember, knowledge is power.

There are numerous experienced dentists in Kew trained to talk you through each step of the treatment process as it is taking place. Knowing exactly what will take place before and during the dentistry work puts you back in control and able to convey exactly how you are feeling at each stage of your treatment.  Gone are the days of uncommunicative dentists, working away on patients who feel they cannot talk about their anxieties.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

As you would expect with any invasive medical procedure, dentists are qualifying with the skills to listen to patients’ fears as a primary means to prevent extensive treatment in the long run.

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